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Dear supporters,


Silent Snow wishes you a happy and healthy Christmas and calls for your support in the new year when we will launch its sequel:  No Fight No Victory.


Silent Snow looks back on a wonderful year; the feature length documentary won 6 important international awards and was shown in numerous cinemas both in the Netherlands an abroad, which means we were able to share our message with a large group of people from all over the world. Besides the success of the screenings, we had other fantastic news to share with you: in August Silent Snow’s heroine Pipaluk gave birth to a beautiful healthy little baby girl, Freya Natuk.


This month, Jan ended the screenings of Silent Snow in Amman, Jordan, where the film was shown for the first time with Arab subtitles. In the new year, the website will also be available in Arab, thanks to the great assistance of two Jordan students: Elham Walid and Raneem Faisl.


For 2013 we have more exiting news: the sequel is on its way! No Fight No Victory will continue where Silent Snow stopped and will look into the disturbing consequences of the landgrabbing by large multinationals and focuses on the importance of small family farms in the fight against hunger and for a healthier and more sustainable way of agriculture. Watch the trailer here:



More info on the new project: www.nofightnovictory.org


Happy holidays everyone!

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