"We appreciated the film very much, equally, for the sensitivity of its message and for its artistic merit."
The jury of MedFilmFestival Roma, September 2009  


“A beautiful thoughtful film”
Jury Planet in Focus, Canada

“A wake-up call documentary”
Hebe Tabachnik – LA Film Festival

“Two girls examine the incomprehensible environmental damage that is poisoning their heritage, Greenland, and the only home their ancestors have known for thousands of years. Stunning cinematography captures this most timely issue”
World Wide Short Film Festival, Canadian Film Centre

“The film is visually striking and uses the subtle, delicate and unsentimentally-told story of two young girls in an isolated and unfamiliar land to shed light on a powerful story of global significance”
Jury Slow Food on Film Festival, Italy

“Four Inspirational Stars for a doc well shot, and for Sarah and Pipaluk, kids who might show us how to save the planet”
Peter Wintonick - POV magazine

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to the folks who are producing this poignant and signifigant film. it needs to be seen by everyone in this country to understand the connection between whats happening in Greenland and our own coastlines and rivers, and the urgency for action on Global Warming”
Connie Hogarth - Climate Crisis Coalition (CCC)

Silent Snow in the media


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