May 1, 2011 Silent Snow was in Geneva for the 5th POP's Conference.

The Fifth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention took place from 25 to 29 April at the Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva, Switzerland.


Silent Snow had the honor to be shown on this conference on the 27th. It went great! The venue was jam-packed and many people even stood 71 minutes long to watch the film. Afterwards another record-breaking applause in my career broke lose. I could not have dared dreaming for such an enthusiastic reaction from this – professionals with a lot of knowledge on POP’s - audience.


The film provoked a very useful and lively discussion. One medical doctor from India said: “ We need to show this film all over the over the world and I'm going to dedicate my life to stop this endosulfan factory in India”. We will put links on the Silent Snow website to projects in India fighting the Lindane pollution, with some very interesting attempts to solve it. He praised Silent Snow for showing an unique community feeling between all these people working with the same objective. Someone said: “This film changed my life and gives new hope to all of us who work for a sustainable world”.


Afterwards I got a lot of positive reactions and was offered help to get Silent Snow screenings in other countries as well. Aline Bertold from Austria told me she would contact Austrian TV, and Barbara Benish from the Czech republik (where the short film is already used in schools) told me this morning: “I couldn't comment yesterday, as I was just speechless after the film”.


Together with Biovision CEO Andreas Schriber we'll organize a Swiss cinema premiere in Zurich with a screening at the same time in Nairobi in such a way that people who worked for the film in Africa like Glory Mollel and her colleagues at the Kilimanjaro Film Institute are in direct contact with the ones present at the screening in Zurich. These screenings will be followed by a German premiere, all planned for October, after the Dutch premiere that will probably take place on September 6.


More news on planned screenings will follow soon!


This screening was supported by Biovision and Safe Planet.


For more info on this event, see the Conference website or


To read more about the Stockholm Convention, click here.

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Pauline Hulshof Filmhuis Borne on 05-18-2011 11:02:
Beste Jan,
We hebben elkaar afgelopen zaterdag in Hertme kort gesproken.De docu(trailer)"Silent Snow" spreekt me enorm aan.Zijn er mogelijkheden voor ons deze (op dvd) te programmeren.
We hebben dit seizoen "We Feed the World" van Erwin Wagenhofer in ons Filmhuis gezien en het aanwezige publiek duidelijk een andere kijk op voeding gegeven.vr.groet Pauline Hulshof Filmhuis Borne
barbara Benish on 05-01-2011 22:18:
Dear Jan, great to meet you and thanks again for such an amazing work of art and education together in your film. If we can have a clip or a copy, i would be very happy to show this at ArtMill. I'm no longer speechless, but will help spread the word. Stay in touch! All best,

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