June 1, 2011 Silent Snow in Antwerp

The Belgian premiere of Silent Snow was perfectly organized by Leida Rijnhout (ANPED) and Chris Jacobson (ARGUS) and all of the 350 available tickets were sold out. Before the screening, Belgian polar explorer Dixie Dansercour held an interesting introduction in which he told vividly about his polar expeditions and showed us some magnificent footage.


After the screening, the audience was very positive about the film and while we had drinks afterwards, I discussed it with Chris, Leida, Dixie and his cameraman, who shared his good tips and ideas about filming in the Arctic with me.


Then I finally met Katelijne Van Heukelom, who I had just missed various times when we both traveled to Greenland, but on other dates. Katelijne told me she was very impressed by the film. She for works for the cultural department of the VRT (Belgian television network) and instantly created a special Silent Snow page with photos from the film (see: Cobra.be). Wim van Rompaey (Lichtpunt) was also enthusiastic after the screening. He became one of my first supporters when he saw me pitch the film for the Documentary Europe festival in Bardonecchia (Italy). He praised the balance between information and form in the film and will therefore try hard to get the full-length version of Silent Snow on Belgian television, after the planned cinema release. That would be fantastic, of course!


We are delighted to inform you that the feature length documentary is now ready for it's worldwide release. If you have ideas on how to organize a screening in your country, please contact us.


For more information: screening dates, and organizing a screening.

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Inez Cardinaels on 06-18-2011 00:14:
zeer aangrijpende documentaire!Deze moet gezien worden door het brede publiek, ik programeer deze docu graag in het voorjaar van 2012.
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