September 6, 2011 IMARES online info file on Silent Snow

The IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies) dossier on Silent Snow is now available on the IMARES website. This dossier contains valuable background information on transport, accumulation and effects of contaminants in the Polar Regions.


IMARES is the Dutch research institute established to provide the scientific support that is essential for developing policies and innovation in respect of the marine environment, fishery activities, aquaculture and the maritime sector. It is an independent, objective and authoritative institute that provides knowledge necessary for an integrated sustainable protection, exploitation and spatial use of the sea and coastal zones and a key player in national and international marine research networks (including ICES and EFARO). IMARES primarily focuses on the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the Dutch Delta region. It is also involved in research in coastal zones, Polar Regions and marine tropical areas throughout the world and in specific fresh water research.

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