September 9, 2011 An inspiring evening at Tuschinski

On Sept 6th, ‘Sustainable Tuesday’, the Dutch premiere of Silent Snow took place in the beautiful Tuschinski Theatre in the heart of Amsterdam. It was a very successful and inspiring event, thanks to the initiative and organising skills of Maurits Groen (mauritsgroen*mgmc).


Video impression of the event by Roelf van Til (



Eighty special guests took off from the Central Station in a brand new unique -hydrogen driven and emission free- tourist vessel and sailed over the canals to Tuschinski. Despite the heavy rain that evening, more than 700 other guests stood in a long line in front of the theatre waiting to enter on the green carpet. Inside, they were welcomed with Silent Snow Champaign, biological ice-cream (Frozen Dutch) and other delicious bio-food (Appetijt). An enormous real-life (stuffed) polar beer, provided by IMARES and Naturalis, greeted our guests in the main hall.


Dutch Scientist Jeroen van der Sluijs (Utrecht University), climate expert and IPCC member prof. Frans Berkhout and Hugo von Meijenfeldt (Deputy Director General; Special Envoy for Climate Change at Dutch Ministry of the Environment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs) gave short lectures on environmental issues and pesticides before the screening. Van der Sluijs told us how the use of new sorts of pesticides is accelerating the collapse of the eco-system in The Netherlands. Watch his lecture bellow (in Dutch):



Afterwards, host of the evening Harm Edens interviewed director Jan van den Berg, executive producer Jacob Gelt Dekker, and cast members Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann from Greenland, Ellady Muyambi of Toxic Free Uganda, Shweta Narayan from India and Jason Glaser, who works with plantation workers with health problems in Central America (La Isla Foundation). The strong speech of Shweta, who is a member of Community Environmental Monitoring (CEM) and works with local villagers in the fight against pollution of their environment, clearly touched the audience. She warned them that dangerous chemicals don’t recognize country borders and that we should join our powers in order to fight this silent poisoning. She called Silent Snow “a message of love, a call for a toxic free planet and a better future for all”.


In order to end the evening in a positive and inspiring tone, thirteen new sustainable initiatives were presented on stage. Among them, several new companies like Do The Bright Thing and the WAKA WAKA solar-LED light. Each of the initiatives had their own way of offering original solutions for concrete issues related to the topic of Silent Snow. With humour, tempo and irony, our host Harm Edens succeeded in keeping the presentations clear, informative and inspiring.


We can conclude that the premiere was a great success. At around half past one, the Tuschinski staff had a hard time persuading the –still numerous- remaining guests to continue their conversation elsewhere. Despite the ‘heavy’ message of Silent Snow, the event itself was full of positive decisiveness. Even during the screening, several visitors agreed with each other on new actions. A sixteen-year-old schoolgirl finally decided on her future career after seeing the film: study and work in sustainable solutions. A future Al Gore was born.


Harm Edens closed the evening with telling us how we would never be able to look at snow, even a snowman made by children, without being aware of the environmental disaster that is taking place and is shown in the film. For him, snow would no longer be silent.


Note: the next screening of Silent Snow will take place during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht (screenings: 24, 27 and 28 Sept). If you become a fan or follower on our Facebook page or Twitter you can win free tickets for this event.

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