September 9, 2011 New pesticides and dying bees: what can you do?

Prof. Jeroen van der Sluijs gave us a short lecture on this silent disaster on our Dutch premiere in Amsterdam Sept 6th: new sorts of pesticides, like imidacloprid, have a higher toxicity than other pesticides and are accelerating the collapse of the ecosystem. Since 2004, Dutch surface water is heavily polluted with imidacloprid and other chemicals. One of the alarming results is the decline of the population of honeybees: a crucial member of our food chain.


Yet, the pollution is not limited to Dutch soil only. The population of honey bees in the UK and in the rest of the world has dropped by around 70 per cent in the last 35 years and it seems that no one knows why our honey bees are dying out so rapidly (Source: Enzine).


Many of you asked us what you could do to stop this problem. Here we go:


- Spread the word: we believe awareness is the first step to action. Send all the information you can find to your friends and family. Tell them that they can sign up for our newsletter or become friends of Silent Snow on Facebook or Twitter. On our worldmap you can see actions that are taking place in several countries.


- Sign the petition on


- Plant wildflowers in your garden to provide nectar and pollen for bees.


- Participate in Community Based Auditing.


Further reading: (also in English)

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