July 1, 2013 Silent Snow’s educational initiatives.

Since the release of the short film, Silent Snow has been part of a variety of educational initiatives all over the world. The short film was embedded in educational packages on human rights and the environment in The Netherlands by the International Polar Year and in the Czech One World in Schools program.


2012 was a particular successful year for the educational initiatives making use of the feature length documentary of Silent Snow. In the Netherlands, the film was screened as part of educational program for flower growers organized by Fytoconsult and TCO and was screened and debated at two Dutch Universities: University College in Utrecht and Radboud University in Nijmegen. Meanwhile, Karel de Grote University incorporated our documentary in their congress on corporate social responsibility in May that year.


In Costa Rica we had volunteers Amanda Merkx and Guillermo Jiron actively creating educational programs based on Silent Snow especially for local schools and universities. Eleven secondary schools, five universities and several special screenings at Indigenous communities who participated in the documentary where attended. Read their stories here.


In Romania we had Manifesto Film Club, who organized educational screenings for high school students in 27 high schools in 18 cities. In Austria there was a special initiative for high school students, the “Stop the POPs” film project. 8th grade students of a Vienna high school dealt with the very complex and multi-layers issue of POPs and some even created their own short films on the issue. Watch one of the films here. More information on the project (in German): Stop the Pops.


We also had active volunteers in the Middle East: Silent Snow was screened on the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid, near the Syrian border. There was an interesting discussion afterwards with a very enthusiastic audience. Two students, Elham Walid and Raneem Faisl, offered to translate our website into Arabic (soon to be launched).


Last but not least, Silent Snow became official education material at Szent István University, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, in Gödöllő, Hungary. The 4th grade Environmental Engineer and Agro-environmental Engineer MSc students' study program contains the documentary screening in relation to two subjects: Protection of Subsurface Waters and Environment Assessment.


This year, we’ve kicked off with a screening for SURE, a sustainable movie night at Utrecht University, and at Green Screens in New York, organized by the Lincoln Film Centre. 


Help us spread the message of Silent Snow in your community! If you like to know the options for screening Silent Snow at your school, university or at an event, please contact us by clicking here.

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Rúbia Kuno on 06-19-2018 15:46:
My name is Rúbia Kuno, I work at the Environmental Agency of São Paulo State - CETESB, Brazil, a government institution. Our Agency is named the Regional Center of Stockolm Convention for Latim America and Caribe. We have many training activities related to Persistent Organic Pollutants including PCBs (Polichlorinated Biphenils) as Environmental Management, analytical assays, Toxicology of such compounds, among others.
Now we are preparing a distance learning course sponsored by Brazilian Ministry of Environment aimed to training government employees from the environmental state agencies of Brazil. This training course will be free of charge for the students.
So, we would like your permission to have Silent Snow available in our course which will have the subtitles translated to Portuguese. Thank you.
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Dorota Rozmarynowska on 12-18-2013 11:13:
I work for the Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw and we organise a transdiscplinary project about Greenland in March in Warsaw. We would love to show your film during the event. I am lookinf forward to hearing from you about the conditions for the screening. With best regards, Dorota

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