August 8, 2013 More awards for Silent Snow in Italy

Silent Snow is doing very well among our Italian friends. After receiving a Special Mention at the Festival delle Terre International Audiovisual Festival of Biodiversity in Rome last year, director Jan van den Berg travelled to the beautiful coast of San Vito lo Capo on the Island of Sicily in July to host the screenings of Silent Snow at the SiciliAmbiente Film Festival. The charismatic open air cinema was decorated with lamps made out of film reels and was packed with people every night, despite the fact that the films started quite late as they had to wait until it got dark enough. Conversations were held in Italian, French and Spanish at the same time, but everyone spoke the same language at the end of the night: discussions evolved on how to take action and save the environment. Among other great documentaries and films about the environment, Silent Snow turned out to be on of the favourites and was awarded the Prize Distribution On Demand. This means the Italian version is going to be promoted with a 1500 Euro budget by OwnAir. And the Italian success continues: Silent Snow was selected among eight finalists for Hai Visto Mai Documentary Festival in Cortona in September this year.


Click here to see where Silent Snow will be screened next.

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