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After the successful world premiere in Nairobi early this year, Silent Snow has started on a tour around the world to create awareness on the silent poisoning of the world caused by persistent pollutants. The film was and will be shown in various Film festivals and on environmental conferences in i.e. Antwerp, Geneva and Azerbaijan.


Pipaluk, a young Inuit woman, travels trough 3 continents in search for the silent assassin that is poisoning her people. The inhabitants of the Arctic are on top of the food chain and are the first to suffer from the consequences of the pollution. On her journey, Pipaluk is confronted with the strong chemical lobby and conflicting interests when it comes to short-term gains and healthy solutions for agriculture, industries and health care. But she also meets local heroes that are fighting the pollution of their environment. They follow the motto of the film: from care comes courage.  


Jan van den Berg founded drsFILM in which he collaborates with writers, artist and cinematographers. His work, mainly documentaries, focuses on human rights en the environment. He won a Golden Calf (the Netherlands), Golden Snail (Bologna), and a Golden Key (France), among other awards at several international film festivals. 

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