19 februari, 2013 NoFightNoVictory in Nuremberg

By Jan van den Berg


Last weekend BioFach in Nuremberg brought together many dealers and producers of ecological articles from all over the world. In the large city hall, German organization Bluepingu organized a discussion for more than 300 people.


Dr. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein told the audience about his new book ‘Food Crash’: "We'll have to feed ourselves ecologically, or we won't be able to feed ourselves any more". It was clear that he is a farmer himself, as he had inside knowledge on practical problems and solutions, and was able to talk about them with great humor.


I introduced a 10 minute rough cut of my new documentary project ‘NoFightNoVictory’, with scenes from Africa, Brazil and Cambodia, followed by a long discussion, in German. Aneth Lwakatare, human rights activist who knows a great deal about Tanzania, where she originally comes from, is going to help us with research for the film. There's a real fighting-style capoeira in Western Tanzania, near the border of Angola, and land grabbing is taking place on a large scale. We talked for hours and at the end I exchanged book and video with Felix, who wrote in his book: “for Jan van den Berg, who tells the story of my book with images.”  Bluepingu's Frank Braun has already screened Silent Snow several times in his cinema and they all want the German premiere of NoFightNoVictory in Nuremberg next year.

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