Babeth en Jan Utrecht, where Babeth M. VanLoo and Jan van den Berg won their first golden calf at the Dutch Film Festival. She and the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (BOS) are strong supporters for the film. Harming the environment – the nexus of all living beings – is harming oneself (Buddha).
Jan Jacob and Ole JorgenUummannaq, where Jan van den Berg, co-producer Jacob Gelt Dekker and polar explorer Ole Jorgen Hammeken started the project and made a short film for schools and exhibitions during the International Polar Year. This short film received many awards and nominations in International Film Festivals.
Still by Tiina ItkonenHelsinki hometown of Tiina Itkonen, who visited Uummannaq many times in her search for Ultima Tule, her place in the Far North. We were allowed to use one of her beautiful pictures for Silent Snow. The release of the feature length film will be combined with an exhibition of her work.
Ole Jorgen HammekenParis where we discussed the first synopsis with polar explorer and actor Ole Jorgen Hammeken. He organized dog sledge trips, taught us how to sleep on the ice and is a strong supporter for the project. His wife Ann Andreassen proved to be the best producer of the arctic region and beyond.
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New York where Marla Cone's book Silent Snow was published in 2005. The Silent Snow documentary is not a film version of the book, but Marla Cone's work served as an inspiration and gave the documentary its name. Marla Cone is one of the most experienced environmental journalists in the US. To buy the book, click here.
Al Gore - Silent SnowAmsterdam, where Jan van den Berg and Jacob Gelt Dekker spoke with Al Gore, after Maurits Groen organized a meeting. In his speech later that day he mentioned the project, gave his unconditional support and said he was looking very much forward the film.  
Guadalupe Gonzalez Novo and Vandana ShivaIlulissat, where the short film had its pre premiere on a conference, attended by Guadalupe González Novo, ambassador for Italy, Spain and Latin America. She organized successful pitches at film festivals in Barcelona and Bardonecchia. And Vandana Shiva, who is an active fighter against pollution in India and a strong supporter for the project.
Riverkeeper Jose and PipalukIndia, where Pipaluk Knudsen Ostermann starts her search for the pollution by POP’s and the solutions that could be applicable. She meets victims, activists like Shweta Narayan and Vandana Shiva, and river keeper Jose, who lives near the DDT factory in Eloor.
Glory MollelArusha, where film maker Glory Mollel, graduate from the Kilimanjaro Film Institute, makes a film about pollution in Tanzania and plays an important part in the feature length Silent Snow film. The KFI, founded by Geert van Asbeck and Frank Bierens became an inspiring supporter.
ElladyKampala, where Ellady Muyambi is fighting the unnecessary use of DDT in the struggle against malaria. There are better alternatives and evidence from South Africa, which extensively used DDT against malaria in the early 90s, suggests that most of the environmental effects of spraying are irreversible.
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P1000397Copenhagen, where John Vijgen as Director at the International HCH & Pesticides Association, is dedicated to the struggle against POP's: cleaning in Eastern Europe, supporting the Silent Snow project and raising awareness all over the world
Carlo PetriniBerlin, where Jan van den Berg met Carlo Petrini. He said about the short film: In just 14 minutes, you put on film: respect for the environment and all biodiversity, the gradual disappearance of sociality and conviviality, food traditions in the most remote corners of the world at risk of being gobbled up by self-seeking globalisation.
Jan in Nairobi National Parc 0809 101Nairobi, where Jan Betlem is working for UNEP, as Task Manager POPs, Persistent Organic Pollutants. He’s since the start involved in the project and is always available for advice and support.
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